I just wanted to write and let you know I marveled at the job you did on our carpets.  We have heavy traffic in our house and a puppy so they were in dire need of a good cleaning.  The job you did brought the berber carpet back to looking new.  Magic Mist however is not new to me, my mother started using your company some twenty years ago when I set up my own housekeeping, and need some work done, I know who to call.  An example I would like to share with you ... My puppy got hold of a bottle of acrylic craft paint (blue on a taupe carpet) and my older dog proceeded to chew on the bottle causing the paint to spill out onto the rugs.  Although I tried my best to clean the mess up, a stain still remained.  When Magic  Mist came I explained the problem and they took extra care on that area and got the spot out even though it was dried.  Thank you Magic Mist for being in business and will probably see you in the fall.