I have just had my first experience with Magic Mist Carpet Cleaning.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  I have had my carpet cleaned before, but this is the best that my carpet ever looked.  (With two dogs, a cat and a husband you can imagine what it looked like.)  I actually had the honor of having Jim Coleman himself do the job.  He is a super nice guy.  Very friendly.

Magic Mist is FABULOUS and thorough. They're easy and pleasant to work with.

I heard of Magic Mists new Diesel Powered Vacuum System which convinced me to call.  Magic Mists service really removes and rejuvenates carpets.  Excellent job.  Keep up the good work.

Magic Mist did a very good job and I was very happy with the speed and quality of the job.  It was EXCELLENT, the best I have ever used.

My neighbor, Mike, recommended Magic Mist to me.  Magic Mist does a good job.  Rugs were cleaned very well and did not take long to dry.  I feel Magic Mists services were fantastic.  Their personality and crew were very nice.  Thank You.